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Itechtics offers a free, easy-to-use online tool that allows you to test your webcam's functionality and access detailed information about its specifications, all within your browser. No downloads or third-party software are required.

ⓘ Microphone Information

Microphone Name:
Automatic Gain Control:
Number of Audio Channels:
Echo Cancellation:
Estimated Latency:
Noise Suppression:
Sample Rate:
Sample Size:

What is mic testing tool?

You can get technical information about your camera in the Camera information section. This includes, camera name, mic and speaker information, frame rate, stream type, image mode, megapixels, resolution, video standard, aspect ratio, bitrate, no. of colors, lightness, luminosity, brightness, hue, saturation etc.

Please note that all the testing is done inside your browser. No data is saved on our server. The recorded mic audio is saved as a blob inside your browser and is deleted from the cache once you close the browser tab.

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